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cyclone separator

The Maintenance of Cyclone Separator and PU Screen Plate

Cyclone separator and polyurethane screen are the main components of the fine sand recovery units. As the fine sand recovery machine is in operation, the cyclone separator and the polyurethane screen panel are worn out, so daily maintenance and maint…

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22 May, 2021 by LZZG

sand washing machine

How to ensure sand washing machine works normally?

Sand washing machine is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the building materials industry. It is widely used. But its working environment is generally very bad, which is easy to cause failure. The operator must have sufficient knowledge and co…

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16 Jul, 2018 by LZZG

dewatering screen

Introduction for dewatering screen

TS series high frequency vibration dewatering screen is mainly used for fine grain dewatering and grading, slime or tailings recycling. Its application area are very extensive, such as mining, chemical, metallurgy, coal, building materials and some o…

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27 Jun, 2018 by LZZG

high frequency vibrating and dewatering screen

What is high frequency vibrating and dewatering screen?

Mentioned to high frequency vibrating and dewatering screen, everyone is no stranger. In order to meet the requirements of slime recovery and dewatering of fine-grained materials, and also achieve the objectives of large amount of processing, good de…

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21 Jun, 2018 by LZZG


Sand washing machine with multiple functions

Sand washing machine is a washing equipment for artificial sand and natural sand, which is widely used for washing materials in industries such as gravel field, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydr…

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07 Jun, 2018 by LZZG


Full automatic sand washing & dewatering single wheel sand washing machine

Full automatic sand washing & dewatering single wheel sand washing machine: This machine is our products that rely to the demand of market, the power used motor, reasonable design, convenient operation, operation control cabinet, reduce labor int…

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18 May, 2017 by LZZG


Weathered rock sand making machine production line

Weathered rock sand making machine production line usually consists of feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, drum sieve, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, electronic control equipment; can be used for weathered rock, sand, stone and other mate…

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18 May, 2017 by LZZG

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