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Exhibition date: Sept. 20-22   Exhibition location: Thailand Bangkok Booth No.: E24 Range of exhibition 1. Mining machinery and related products and accessories Mining machinery and advanced mining technology, excavation machinery, mining machinery, …

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07 Sep, 2023 by LZZG

Mining Indonesia

The 23th International Mining And Minerals Recovery Exhibition And Conference

Exhibition date: Sept. 13-16   Exhibition location: Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran Booth No.: 8523 in hall D LZZG is excited to be exhibiting at this year's Mining Indonesia conference in Jakarta, Indonesia Sept. 13-16. The 23rd international m…

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07 Sep, 2023 by LZZG

flotation machines

The Selection Of Barite Flotation Agents

Flotation reagents are the key factors in barite flotation. The dosage and type of reagents will directly affect the adsorption force and stability between barite and bubbles. Generally, the greater the dosage of chemicals, the higher the flotation r…

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22 Aug, 2023 by LZZG

flotation machines

Tungsten Ore Gravity Separation Equipment

Due to the high density of tungsten minerals, gravity separation is an important separation method for wolframite group minerals and scheelite group minerals and is widely used in tungsten ore processing plants. Tungsten or gravity separation equipme…

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21 Jul, 2023 by LZZG

flotation machines

Limonite Beneficiation Process

Limonite is an important iron ore. In order to maximize the utilization of limonite, an effective beneficiation process is required to improve recovery and grade. The following will introduce several common limonite beneficiation methods, including g…

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10 Jun, 2023 by LZZG

magnetic separator

How To Improve The Beneficiation Efficiency Of Fine Iron Ore?

The comprehensive utilization of fine-grained iron ore is of great significance to expand the amount of iron ore resources used by industry and ensure the safe supply of iron ore resources. So how to improve the beneficiation efficiency of fine-grain…

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10 May, 2023 by LZZG

How to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill

How To Improve Fine Iron Ore Beneficiation?

In the steel industry, a stable supply of iron ore is very important. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the research on the comprehensive utilization of fine-grained iron ore is of great significance to expand the amount of i…

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23 Apr, 2023 by LZZG

gravel wash plant design philippines

Stone Powder Processing Into Fine Aggregate

In the process of stone processing in the stone factory, there are often small particles and stone surface, which are called stone powder. Stone powder can be used instead of sand in concrete aggregate, but it needs to be screened and cleaned. The ma…

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28 Nov, 2022 by LZZG

cone crusher

Process Design Of Basalt Sand Processing System

The crushing of hard rock such as basalt and granite is easy to encounter serious wear and tear of parts, low efficiency, low output, or bad finished sand type and high fineness modulus. 1. Basalt crushing processing difficulties A. Basalt has high c…

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23 Nov, 2022 by LZZG

belt conveyor

Dust Control Measures Of Belt Conveyor Unloading Point And Transfer Station

Belt conveyor is the most widely used conveying equipment, with a wide variety of conveying materials, low noise, smooth material conveying, low operation and maintenance costs. However, there are some problems in the dropping point and the transfer …

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31 Oct, 2022 by LZZG


Three Methods For Lead-Zinc Tailings Treatment

The discharge of lead-zinc tailings increases year by year, which inevitably brings a series of problems and further stimulates the development of the treatment and comprehensive utilization of lead-zinc tailings. The common treatment methods of lead…

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16 Sep, 2022 by LZZG

sand making machine

Granite Sand Making Machine

With the shortage of natural sand resources, artificial sand making is more and more popular. Can sand made from granite be suitable for construction sand? Can artificial granite sand meet construction standards? Quantity Compared with river sand and…

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23 Aug, 2022 by LZZG

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