Sand Washing Plant

Belarus Silica Sand Washing Plant Put Into Operation


Recently, the silica sand washing plant with an annual output of 100,000 tons ordered by a Belarusian customer from Longzhong has been successfully installed and tested. It has been successfully put into production. The production line is operating well, the quality of the finished products is good, the production line output is high, and the customers are very satisfied.

quartz sand processing

Silica sand is also called petroleum fracturing sand. Quartz sand for fracturing is made from natural quartz sand that has been screened and purified. It has the characteristics of good sphericity, high compressive strength, low crushing rate, and strong conductivity. It is used in oilfield downhole operations. The practice has proven that oil wells fractured using quartz sand proppant can increase production by 30-50% and extend the service life of oil and gas wells.

Silica sand process

In production, commonly used fracturing sand processing techniques include preliminary screening and impurity removal, cleaning, dehydration, drying, fine screening, and tailwater recycling and reuse. Through joint operations, mineral impurities in the materials are removed, and quartz sand for fracturing that meets the requirements in particle size and impurity content is obtained.

In practical applications, it needs to be based on the customer’s finished product requirements. New and old customers are welcome to consult and design and customize suitable process plans and suitable high-purity quartz sand production line processes, so as to obtain quartz sand with a high return on investment.

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