Sand Washing Plant

Longzhong Successfully Signed 15 Million Orders With Kuwaiti Customers


In early February 2024, customers from Kuwait in the Middle East came to Longzhong to inspect the purchase of machine-made sand washing production line equipment with an annual output of 1 million tons. After on-site inspection, 15 million orders were successfully signed. This signing is not only a recognition of Longzhong’s product quality and technical strength, but also an important achievement of the company’s acceleration of overseas market layout and continuous external exploration.

Kuwaiti Customers visit lzzg factory

Kuwaiti customers visited the company’s workshop. Longzhong has fully demonstrated to customers the company’s main products, technical features, and sustainable development capabilities in many aspects such as R&D and production. It not only allows customers to experience the uniqueness of Longzhong Heavy Industry’s products up close, but also strengthens customers’ further understanding of Longzhong Enterprises. During this period, customers watched, asked, and memorized with great interest.

In the afternoon, led by Mr. Bai, the Kuwait delegation came to Longzhong’s two project sites in Tongchuan. Conducted on-site inspections of the high-efficiency mining equipment and production processes supplied and installed by Longzhong Heavy Industry, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the environmentally friendly and intelligent features of the project.

Through all-around visits, inspections and exchanges, the Kuwait delegation highly praised and recognized Longzhong’s professionalism and strength. Finally, the Kuwaiti customer reached a cooperation agreement with Longzhong Heavy Industry and signed a contract for a machine-made sand-washing production line with an annual output of 1 million tons.

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