Sand Washing Plant

200t/h Sand Washing Zero-Emission Production Line In Chongqing


A company in Yubei, Chongqing, cooperated with Longzhong Heavy Industry to build a zero-emission production line for sand washing and recycling with an output of 200 tons per hour. The project is currently in the intense construction stage and is expected to be put into production soon.

sand washing plant

Sand washing plant

Processing capacity: 200t/h

Processing material: mechanism sand

Processing technology: cleaning and muddy water treatment

Finished sand application: construction and high-standard sand needs

Equipment configuration: integrated scrubbing machine, sludge concentration tank, chamber filter press, etc.

Sand washing plant advantages

1. This project uses a complete set of water-washed sand sewage treatment system, which can achieve high environmental protection and low energy consumption operation, ensure the production of high-quality aggregate machine-made sand, and promote the recycling of water resources and waste materials.

2. The integrated scrubbing machine is a new type of equipment independently developed by our company. It is suitable for cleaning materials with high stickiness on the surface or high requirements for finished products. Through the fine sand recovery device, the fine sand can be fully recovered and the economic benefits are high.

3. The zero-discharge sewage system can recycle and purify fine sand, sludge, and clean water in the tail water of the production line for reuse without any waste discharge in the entire process.

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