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LZZG 2023 Annual Summary Conference


On December 24, 2023, Longzhong’s “2023 Annual Summary Conference and 2024 Art Party” was successfully held. The theme of this annual conference is “New Journey • New Start”. At the beginning of the annual meeting, everyone watched the 2023 review video together to share the joy and achievements of the past year and feel the changes and improvement of the company in the past year.


The annual meeting is divided into four parts:

1. Annual work summary

The company’s chairman, general manager, and heads of various departments made important speeches on the work in 2023 and the development in 2024. The downturn in the real estate sector in 2023 has dealt a heavy blow to the building materials industry. Fortunately, the company has made a new strategic adjustment and has achieved excellent results. These achievements are the result of concerted efforts and tenacious efforts of all employees in the company. In 2024, on the basis of consolidating the existing business, find the entry point of other industries, and combine the actual situation of Longzhong with the development situation of the industry market to achieve better results. At the same time, strictly control product quality and increase publicity.

2. Outstanding employee recognition

In the past year, a number of outstanding Longzhong people have emerged. They do their duty, they do their duty, and they deserve recognition and recognition. They are role models, the most shining Longzhong people.

3. Program performance

At the annual meeting, the versatile Longzhong people prepared a wonderful artistic performance, dancing, singing, poetry recitation, allegro… … All these, too numerous to enumerate, among which the subtle non-words can be clearly, only please take a look.

4. Longzhong family banquet

Longzhong 2023 annual summary conference ended successfully. In the New Year, Longzhong will continue to adjust the development strategy, expand the company’s main scope, increase equipment innovation and research and development efforts, consolidate the foundation, comprehensively improve, ride the wind and waves, and create a new glory of Longzhong Heavy Industry.

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