Sand Washing Plant



Exhibition date: Sept. 20-22  

Exhibition location: Thailand Bangkok

Booth No.: E24


Range of exhibition

1. Mining machinery and related products and accessories

Mining machinery and advanced mining technology, excavation machinery, mining machinery, rock drilling machinery, piling machinery, hoisting machinery, lifting equipment, construction machinery, steel prestressing machinery, scraper equipment, loading and transportation machinery, pneumatic tools, mineral processing And prospecting equipment and technology, ore crushing and grinding machinery, mining screening machinery, surface equipment, conveying equipment, underground loaders, mine electric locomotives and mining tools and equipment, diamond tools, heavy vehicles and trucks, drilling equipment and technology, etc.

2. Engineering machinery and accessories

Mine power transmission and transformation equipment, wire and cable, etc.

3. Safety, health and environment and related products

Supply and technology, ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, environmental protection equipment, safety protection equipment, related products, etc.; geological exploration institutions and mining assessment service institutions: geophysical prospecting, geochemical prospecting, aerial surveying and remote sensing, surveying and mapping services, geological data processing, automation, and information service companies, software development, data analysis, laboratory and satellite communications, etc.

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