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Vibrating Screen for Sale South Africa

The circular vibrating screen is a widely used multi-layer, high-efficiency, and large-scale mine screen. The circular vibrating screen adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft vibration exciter and a partial block to adjust the amplitude. The material screen has a long flow line and many screening specifications. A cylindrical eccentric shaft vibration exciter and a partial block are used to adjust the amplitude. The vibrator is driven by an ordinary motor to make the screen body vibrate periodically along the direction of the exciting force. The material continuously moves in a circular motion on the screen surface to achieve the screening purpose.

vibrating screen for sale south africa

Circular vibrating screen performance

1. High screening efficiency

Due to the strong vibration of the screen box, the material blocking the screen holes is reduced, so that the screen has a higher screening efficiency and productivity.

2. Simple structure and energy saving

The structure is simple, and the screen surface is convenient to disassemble and replace; the electric energy consumed for screening each ton of materials is also small.

3. Widely application

The vibrating screen can be used in production lines such as sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, and quartz sand.

4. Long service life

The newly adopted heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials can extend the service life of the circular vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen working principle

The vibrator of the circular vibrating screen is installed on the side plate of the screen box. The motor drives the eccentric block of the vibration exciter to rotate at a high speed through the V-belt, which generates a large centrifugal inertia force and excites the circular motion of the screen box with amplitude. The material on the screen is subjected to the impulse transmitted by the screen box on the inclined screen surface to produce continuous throwing motion. When the material meets the sieve surface, particles smaller than the sieve hole are passed through the sieve to achieve classification.

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