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Three Factors That Affecting Vibrating Screen Capacity

The circular vibrating screen uses a vibrator to generate vibration, and the motion track of the screen box of the circular vibrating screen is circular. Circular vibrating screens are widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries. The circular vibrating screen has the characteristics of a long material screening line, large screening specifications, strong vibration force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, sturdiness and durability, easy to change screen, and convenient maintenance. The cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and some blocks are used to adjust the amplitude, which is convenient for maintenance.

vibrating screen capacity

The factors that affecting vibrating screen capacity

1. Screen width and length

The width of the circular vibrating screen determines the processing capacity of the screen. The wider the sieve, the greater the processing capacity. The length of the sieve determines the screening efficiency of the sieve. The longer the sieve, the higher the efficiency. For vibrating screens, increasing the width is usually limited by the structural strength of the screen frame. After the length of the screen reaches the maximum size, the screening efficiency hardly increases. Increasing the length of the screen surface will only increase the size and weight of the screen. The processing capacity and screening efficiency of the sieve are two interdependent indicators. After determining the screen width, determine the screen length according to the width ratio. The aspect ratio of the mine vibrating screen is greater than 2, and the screen width ratio of the coal vibrating screen is 2.5.

2. Screen angle

The inclination angle of the sieve also has a certain influence on the sieving particle size. In order to promote the discharge of the screen, the screen surface is usually installed at an inclined angle. The size of the inclination angle is closely related to the productivity and screening efficiency of the screen. However, if the angle of the vibrating screen is too large, the time that the material stays on the surface of the screen is shortened, reducing the chance of particle penetration and reducing the screening efficiency.

3. The size, shape, and opening ratio of the screen mesh

The larger the sieve hole, the higher the processing capacity per sieve area, and the higher the screening efficiency. The size of the sieve hole mainly depends on the purpose and requirements of the sieve. For conventional sieving with larger particle sizes, the size of the sieve mesh is usually equal to the size of the sieve. When the required sieving size is smaller, the sieving size should be slightly larger than the sieving size. In order to perform approximate sieving, the sieving size is larger than the sieving size. The shape of the lower sieve of the round and square sieve is more regular, while the flake and strip particles tend to leak out of the rectangular sieve. Therefore, the rectangular mesh is usually made smaller.

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