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Sludge Thickener+Filter Press/Waste Water Treatment System

Thickener settling and sludge dewatering filters are now commonly used methods for the treatment of sand washing wastewater and tailings wastewater, mainly for solid-liquid separation to remove suspended solids in the water. The separated clean water can meet the national environmental protection regulations and can also be reused.

sludge thickener

The main component structure of sludge thickener

The sludge thickener is generally composed of a thickening tank, rack, transmission device, rack lifting device, feeding device, and discharge device. There is a discharge hopper in the center of the bottom of the sludge thickener to discharge the concentrated product, and an annular overflow tank is arranged around the commercial port of the tank.

1. The main transmission device is a system that drives the rotation of the rake frame, which is mainly composed of an electric motor, a cycloid reducer, and the main worm gear pair transmission. In order to ensure the need to lift the rake frame during operation, the vertical shaft can freely move up and down in the axial direction under normal working conditions.

2. When the thickener is overloaded, the lifting mechanism can lift the slag rake through the vertical shaft in series to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Its main structure consists of two parts: a specially designed and manufactured torque measuring switch, alarm, control device, and actuator.

Sludge thickener features

A vertical shaft is installed in the center of the thickening tank, which is driven to rotate by a motor fixed on the truss through a cylindrical gear reducer, an intermediate gear and a worm gear reducer. When the vertical axis rotates, the slurry flows into the receiving tube in the center of the pool along the feeding trough on the truss, and flows around the thickening pool. The solid particles in the thickener slurry gradually settle to the bottom of the thickening tank, and are scraped into the discharge hopper in the center of the tank by the scraper under the cradle, and discharged by a sand pump. The clarified water layer above flows out of the annular overflow groove at the top of the pond.

Filter press features

1. The filter belt is automatically tensioned and corrected automatically to solve the problem of filter belt damage due to deviation of the filter belt.

2. Ultra-long design of triple dehydration zone, high dehydration rate, and high solid content of mud cake

3. Stable operation, small dosage of medicine, easy management, convenient maintenance, long service life.

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