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Tungsten Ore Gravity Separation Equipment


Due to the high density of tungsten minerals, gravity separation is an important separation method for wolframite group minerals and scheelite group minerals and is widely used in tungsten ore processing plants. Tungsten or gravity separation equipment mainly includes jigs, shakers, spiral chutes, etc.

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1. Jig

The Jig machine is one of the important pieces of equipment for wolframite gravity separation. The more common tungsten ore jigging separation process is divided into three grades: coarse, medium, and fine. The upper limit of coarse-grained jigging separation particle size is 13mm, generally 8mm-10mm. The particle size range of medium-sized jigging separation is Coarse and medium-sized jigging separation tailings are ground and re-selected. The particle size of fine-grained jigging separation is below 2mm, and the tailings of fine-grained jigging separation are separated by shaking table after hydraulic classification.

Generally, the recovery rate of coarse and medium-sized jigging operations can reach 65%-75%, while the recovery rate of fine-sized jigging is relatively low. The main reason is that fine-grained tungsten minerals mostly exist in the part with a particle size below 0.074mm, and are easily lost in the tailings. Therefore, the jig is usually used as roughing equipment for rough concentrate.

2. Shaker

The shaker has a higher enrichment ratio. High-grade concentrates and tailings can be obtained after one shaking table separation, and minerals of different densities are clearly separated on the bed surface and can be taken at the same time. However, due to problems such as large floor space and low processing capacity, shaking tables are often used as beneficiation equipment in large tungsten concentrators. It can be used as roughing and refining equipment in small tungsten concentrators.

3. Spiral chute

The spiral chute has a simple structure, a large processing capacity, and does not require power. It is often used in the gravity separation stage of black and white mixed tungsten ore in tungsten ore beneficiation. The spiral chute not only has the function of sorting, but also has the function of grading and desliming. It can be selected at a wide particle size level, simplifying the re-selection process.

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