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The Selection Of Barite Flotation Agents


Flotation reagents are the key factors in barite flotation. The dosage and type of reagents will directly affect the adsorption force and stability between barite and bubbles. Generally, the greater the dosage of chemicals, the higher the flotation recovery rate of barite. The type of reagent should be selected according to the nature of the raw ore and the process conditions to achieve the ideal flotation effect. Commonly used agents include collectors, pH regulators, and foaming agents.

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1. Barite flotation collector

The types and functions of barite flotation collectors mainly depend on the charge state on the barite surface and the pH value of the pulp. Commonly used collectors for barite are mainly fatty acid salts. Fatty acid salt is a substance that can form a complex with barium ions on the surface of barite. It needs to be used under conditions with a high pH value. It can make the surface of barite hydrophobic and easily adhere to bubbles. Commonly used fatty acid salts include sodium oleate, sodium stearate, sodium palmitate, etc.

2. Barite flotation pH adjuster

Commonly used pH regulators for barite include alkaline substances, acidic substances, and salts. Alkaline substances are substances that can increase the pH value of the slurry, thereby making the surface of barite appear negatively charged, increasing the adsorption effect of fatty acid salts, and improving the flotation recovery rate of barite. Commonly used alkaline substances are sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, etc.

3. Barite flotation foaming agent

Commonly used foaming agents for barite include rosin oil, turpentine oil, and alcohols.

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