Sand Washing Plant

Stone Powder Processing Into Fine Aggregate


In the process of stone processing in the stone factory, there are often small particles and stone surface, which are called stone powder. Stone powder can be used instead of sand in concrete aggregate, but it needs to be screened and cleaned. The machine sand mixed with stone powder can be separated and recycled effectively, so as to reduce the waste of resources and improve economic benefits.

gravel wash plant design philippines

This project is planned for Indonesian customers to produce 100 tons of machine-made sand powder cleaning production line. The equipment is currently being installed and will be put into operation soon. The finished material will meet the use demand of high grade concrete and serve the local infrastructure construction.

Production line Overview

Processing capacity: 100t/h

Processing materials: stone powder produced in the crushing process

Equipment configuration: sand washing and recovery machine, sludge thickener, belt filter press, etc

Treatment process: front end stone powder cleaning, back-end sewage treatment

Use of finished material: It can be used for local infrastructure construction and high standard sand needs.

Advantages of production line

The dual-wheel sand washing machine of LZZG uses the friction principle of water and transmission to remove the soil, stone powder and other impurities doped or covered by the surface easily. High cleanliness, large processing capacity, stable operation, through the fine sand recovery device, the coarse and fine sand grading is uniform and reasonable.

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