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Limonite Beneficiation Process


Limonite is an important iron ore. In order to maximize the utilization of limonite, an effective beneficiation process is required to improve recovery and grade. The following will introduce several common limonite beneficiation methods, including gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, and combined process.

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1. Limonite gravity separation process

The gravity separation process uses gravity for separation and is suitable for coarse-grained embedded ores. The process mainly includes three links ore washing, screening, and gravity separation. Washing can remove the soil and impurities in the ore, and screening can sort the ore according to different particle sizes. Then use gravity separation equipment such as heavy medium and jig to separate the components such as limonite and false hematite in the ore. The advantages are low cost and low power consumption. However, due to the low recovery rate and high grade of tailings, it is not conducive to the comprehensive recovery of resources.

2. Limonite Magnetic Separation Process

The magnetic separation process is a kind of beneficiation method that uses magnetism for separation, and is suitable for fine-grained ore. The process mainly includes crushing, screening and grinding, grading, and sorting. Crusher and ball mill are used to crush and grind the ore, and then use strong magnetic separators and weak magnetic separators to separate the components such as limonite and hematite. Compared with other beneficiation methods, the magnetic separation process can greatly improve the grade of the product, but the recovery rate of the product is not much improved.

3. Limonite flotation process

The flotation process is a beneficiation method that uses buoyancy for separation, and is suitable for fine-grained embedded ores. The process mainly includes desliming, fine grinding, and flotation. First, use the ore washing machine for desliming treatment to remove the mud and impurities in the ore. Then use a ball mill for fine grinding to subdivide the ore into smaller particles. Finally, flotation is carried out using mixing tanks and flotation machines to separate limonite and other components in the ore.

The beneficiation process of limonite is important work, and it is necessary to select the appropriate beneficiation method and process to improve the recovery rate and grade and realize the maximum utilization of resources. The choice of beneficiation process should be comprehensively considered according to the nature, composition, and market demand of the ore in order to achieve the ideal beneficiation effect.

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