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How To Improve The Beneficiation Efficiency Of Fine Iron Ore?


The comprehensive utilization of fine-grained iron ore is of great significance to expand the amount of iron ore resources used by industry and ensure the safe supply of iron ore resources. So how to improve the beneficiation efficiency of fine-grained iron ore?

magnetic separator

1. Selective and efficient grinding

Targeted grinding of fine-grained iron ore can classify dissociated qualified materials as soon as possible, reduce over-grinding and improve grinding efficiency. Effective selective grinding can increase the fineness of coarse grinding and reduce over-grinding, so as to optimize the mineral composition of the selected materials and achieve the purpose of improving both grade and recovery rate.

2. Ultrafine grinding technology

In order to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency fine grinding, measures such as changing the structure of the ball mill, the shape of the mill liner, and the shape of the grinding medium can be taken. In the grinding of fine-grained iron ore, the grinding efficiency is lower and the energy consumption is higher. When the particle size distribution of the grinding product is wide, the phenomenon of over-grinding will be more serious. Therefore, a more suitable type of mill for fine grinding is required to improve the particle size composition of the grinding product and reduce energy consumption.

3. Strong magnetic separation technology

Strong magnetic separation technology is mainly reflected in the selection and use of strong magnetic separators, among which vertical ring pulsating high gradient strong magnetic separators and flat ring strong magnetic separators are widely used in the application of fine-grained weak magnetite. The flat-ring type strong magnetic separator has a higher separation magnetic field strength, which has a good recovery effect on fine-grained minerals and a high recovery rate.

4. Fine flotation technology

The flotation column has shown great advantages in the flotation of fine-grained ore. Because the bubble particles of the micro-bubble flotation column are much smaller than the flotation machine, and based on the multiple sweeping action of the circulating pulp, better results have been obtained in the application of micro-grained weak magnetite.

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