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How to ensure sand washing machine works normally?


Sand washing machine is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the building materials industry. It is widely used. But its working environment is generally very bad, which is easy to cause failure. The operator must have sufficient knowledge and common sense to ensure sand washing machine work normally. Let us take a look at several points to ensure the normal operation of sand washing machine:


sand washing machine


1. Impurities. Impurities not only affect the quality of sand washing machine, but also affect the “health” of sand washing machine itself. Especially the metal impurities and impurities with corrosive properties, which are all leading to the sand washing machine. The cause of the device failure.

2. Temperature. Be ware of overheating of sand washing machine during operation.Therefore, the operator should always check the value on the temperature test chart. If it does not work properly, it should be processed immediately.

3. Material properties. Each sand washing machine has its own performance. And when it is manufactured successfully, it has already determined the rated strength and power that the equipment can withstand. Once the material hardness, size, composition, etc. exceeds the equipment of sand washing machine. Its own rating will cause damage to the equipment of the sand washing and recycling machine.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.