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With the shortage of natural sand resources, artificial sand making is more and more popular. Can sand made from granite be suitable for construction sand?

Can artificial granite sand meet construction standards?


Compared with river sand and sea sand, granite has more storage capacity. Generally, as long as there is water flow, there is almost always granite, and it is easy to mine. Therefore, in the current development of the infrastructure industry due to the gradual shortage of natural sand and gravel, in order to supplement the rigid demand of the sand and gravel market, granite machine-made sand has gradually become construction sand.


The granite processed by the sand-making equipment has uniform size and particle size, and has good compression resistance and permeability. It can completely replace natural sand and gravel in the current harsh construction sand operations.

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Which sand crusher should be used for granite sand making?

1. HVI sand making machine

HVI sand-making machine is a combination of the new design concept, using a four-door impeller deep cavity design structure and a special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage of bearing cylinder and other processes. High efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency. Granite can be effectively made into the sand of different particle sizes. The finished sand and gravel have reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus. It also has two crushing methods of “stone-on-stone” and “stone-on-iron”, which can produce ideal machine-made sand products with very little needle flake content.

2. VSI sand making machine

VSI sand making machine is a high-efficiency impact crusher, which can be shaped for use in stone quarries, mining, and various production lines. The structure is simple, the cost is low, the cost performance is very high, the working noise is low, and the dust pollution is small. It is suitable for crushing media, high and extra-hard materials such as granite and quartz, and the sand-making effect is very good.

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