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Dust Control Measures Of Belt Conveyor Unloading Point And Transfer Station


Belt conveyor is the most widely used conveying equipment, with a wide variety of conveying materials, low noise, smooth material conveying, low operation and maintenance costs. However, there are some problems in the dropping point and the transfer process, such as high material drop and large powder content rate, resulting in serious dust at the dropping point or the transfer station. The dust collecting effect of cloth bag dust collector is poor, which can not meet the technological requirements, which is a headache for many enterprises.

belt conveyor

This article shares a practical dust suppression device. It makes full use of the principles of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. It is characterized by novel design, scientific structure, high technical content, simple operation, remarkable dust removal effect and no secondary pollution.

Main components

Dust control system of belt conveyor mainly includes: air source device, multistage pressurized water pump and water gas pipeline and spray system, with frequency conversion speed control technology and other electronic control unit. Including: 4 sets of nozzles, 4 valves, 200 meters water and gas pipeline, 1 15m³ water tank, 1 multistage water pump, 1 set of frequency converter and other automation devices, 1 set of remote monitoring facilities. The gas used in the system comes from the air source pipe network of the air compressor in the factory, which is connected to the system through pipelines. One 1m³ gas storage tank is set up. The water used in the system comes from the domestic water pipe network of the factory, which is connected to the system through pipes. One 15m³ water tank is set, and the water level meter automatically controls the water level.

The process

High powder content material with the belt conveyor run to the transfer point, the use of high pressure water and air to material curtain to achieve penetration of full humidification, through the water and air to fine dust particles wrapped, and then achieve the purpose of dust removal.


1. It has high applicability and good dust suppression effect in preventing and reducing the transportation of dust-containing materials by belt conveyor, especially suitable for the dust suppression of high powder content material belt conveying.

2. The technical modification requirement of the dust suppression device is applicable in the environment where the moisture content of the material is not more than 5%.

3. The water and air pressure of the system can be adjusted to meet the requirement of dust concentration of different materials.

4. Remote DCS automatic control mode, easy to operate.

5.  It improves the working environment and ensures the health of employees. Reduce the pollution of dust emissions to the atmosphere.

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