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Belt Conveyor Installation And Maintenance Manual


The belt conveyor installation and maintenance are specifically manifested in the installation accuracy of the drive device, drum, tailwheel, and accessories, and whether the center of the belt conveyor bracket coincides with the centerline of the drive device and the tail wheel. The correct installation and routine maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine and the entire process.  The installation of the belt conveyor can be roughly divided into the following steps.

belt conveyor

1. Host installation

A. Drive installation

The driving device is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a driving roller, and a bracket.

First, assemble the drive roller and the bracket on the embedded plate, place a steel backing plate between the embedded plate and the bracket, and level it with a spirit level to ensure that the levelness between the four points of the bracket is less than or equal to 0.5mm. Then, find the center dividing line of the driving drum, place the wire drop on the middle dividing line, and adjust the longitudinal and horizontal middle dividing lines of the driving drum to coincide with the base centerline. When adjusting the elevation of the driving drum, a certain margin should be reserved for the adjustment of the elevation of the motor and reducer.

B. Installation of the tail wheel

The tail wheel is composed of a bracket and a roller. The adjustment procedure is the same as that of the drive roller.

C.Installation of support, an intermediate frame, roller support, and roller

a. Measure the centerline in the width direction first and make a mark.

b. Put the outriggers on the pre-embedded board on the foundation and drop the vertical line with a line to make the centerline of the outrigger width coincide with the centerline of the foundation.

c. Make a mark on the centerline of the foundation, use this mark as the base point, and measure the distance from this point to the two legs with a ruler. When the two dimensions are equal, the outriggers are aligned.

d. The middle frame can be installed by welding the legs firmly.

e. Install the supporting roller bracket on the middle frame, connect with bolts, and install the supporting roller on the supporting roller bracket.

f. Install the lower parallel idler and the lower centering idler.

belt conveyor installation

2. Installation of accessories

The attachment must be installed after the belt is put on the bracket. Accessories include guide chute, empty section cleaner, head cleaner, anti-deflection switch, chute, belt tensioner, etc.

A. Installation of the chute

The chute is installed on the blanking port, and the lower part is connected with the guide chute. Prevent splashing of mineral materials.

B. Sweeper

The sweeper is installed on the lower belt of the machine tail to clean the mineral material of the lower belt.

C. Tensioning device

The tension device is divided into spiral tension, vertical tension, horizontal car type tension, and so on. The screw tensioner is integrated with the tail bracket, composed of a nut and a screw, and is generally used for short belts. Vertical tensioning and cart-style tensioning are used for longer belts.

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