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Vibrating Screen Side Plate, Bottom Beam, Beam Cracking Treatment

There are many kinds of linear vibrating screen, roughly divided into ordinary type, probability type, thin layer, thick layer, etc. Although the type is different, the structure is roughly the same. In actual production, vibrating screen cracking generally includes side plate, bottom beam, shaker beam, feed baffle assembly, discharge baffle assembly and so on. Although the components are different, the treatment principle is the same, that is, the reinforcement treatment is carried out to prevent the cracking position from extending.

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1. The side plate

The side plate cracked in two directions. One direction is the vertical vibration direction. If such a problem is discovered in time, it will not exceed 500mm. It can be strengthened by adding a secondary plate. The square plate is the main one, and the crack perimeter can be extended by 200mm. The other type produces cracks along the direction of vibration (less frequently). If this kind of crack is not treated in time, it will cause the whole cracking of the side plate. When such cracks are found, the secondary side plate should be strengthened integrally. The auxiliary plate and side plate are riveted, and the crack position is not welded.

2. At the end of beam

The middle part of the bottom beam is easy to crack. It can be solved by the method of beveling, welding and adding a side plate. Through plug welding and intermittent welding, the auxiliary plate and the bottom beam are fixed together, which can achieve the expected purpose and prolong the service life.

3. Shaker beam

Shaker beam is the main device of the whole shaker screen, but also the highest strength of the equipment. Cracking of the shaker beam is rare. If there is cracking, the reinforcement scheme is similar to that of the bottom beam. But the groove depth is consistent with the thickness of the steel plate. The welding quality is required to be high. The secondary plate is mainly made of 16mm~20mm steel plate. When necessary, strong reinforcement is added to the secondary plate.

4. Feed inlet baffle assembly

The main reason for the damage of inlet baffle components is the direct or indirect impact of materials. By adjusting the feeding Angle and height, the material can be directly hit on the blind plate without impact on the feeding baffle, which can prolong its service life. If worn, conventional channel steel and square pipe can be welded on the side of the feed baffle to increase the rigidity of the feed baffle to achieve the effect of prolonging the life.

5. Discharge baffle assembly

The reason for the damage of the discharge baffle component is mainly due to the wear of the material movement, and the strength of the steel plate is not enough after being worn thin, which causes the damage. It can be surfacing to the original thickness, and then the welding ground, if necessary, heat treatment can be carried out to enhance the wear resistance at the discharge.

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