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Treatment Method Of Laterite Nickel Ore In Different Ore Layers

Lateritic nickel ore is a clay-like ore formed by long-term weathering, leaching, and deposition of nickel oxide deposits, containing hydrous oxides such as iron, aluminum, and silicon. Laterite nickel ore is divided into a limonite layer, a transition layer, and a humus layer according to the distribution of different ore layers. The smelting process applicable to laterite nickel ore in different ore layers is also different. This paper introduces the treatment methods of laterite nickel ore in different ore beds.

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1. Lateritic nickel ore

The lateritic nickel ore in the limonite layer mainly contains limonite, goethite, gibbsite, and chromite. This type of lateritic nickel ore is suitable for processing by wet process. Based on the high-pressure acid leaching process, it is suitable for sulfuric acid to react in an autoclave, and can comprehensively recover nickel, cobalt, and other valuable metals. The reaction process is more friendly to the environment. Autoclaves require regular maintenance due to their susceptibility to corrosion and fouling during production.

2. Transition laterite nickel ore

This layer of ore is located between the limonite layer and the humus layer, containing nontronite, silica, and a small amount of goethite. The treatment process of this kind of laterite nickel ore mainly includes an atmospheric pressure acid leaching process, reduction roasting-ammonia leaching process, and small blast furnace process.

3. Laterite nickel ore in humus layer

Minerals in this layer are buried deep, mainly containing minerals such as silicon-magnesium-nickel ore, quartz, talc, serpentine, olivine, etc., with high nickel content. This kind of nickel ore is mainly recycled by the reduction roasting-magnetic separation process, rotary kiln pre-reduction-electric furnace smelting process, reduction roasting-acid leaching process, hydrothermal method, etc.

The above are the treatment methods of laterite nickel ore in different ore layers. In actual production, the nature of raw ore changes with the mining limit, which needs to be considered according to the actual situation. Before the construction of the concentrator, through the mineral processing test, design, and other methods, scientifically and rationally formulate the process plan of the concentrator to achieve ideal economic benefits.

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