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The Efficient Cone Crusher Ore Feeding System

Due to the lack of matching ore feeding system and equipment, it is difficult to achieve uniform ore feeding for HP cone crusher, and the running material level is unstable and the equipment failure rate is high. It also leads to frequent failure problems such as uneven liner wear, large ring jump, oil leakage of release cylinder and locking cylinder, copper sleeve wear and so on.

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1. Design problems for the hopper

The original equipment does not feed the ore hopper. Due to the ore to adjust the speed of the ore belt to achieve. When the belt speed changes, the feeding point will also change accordingly, resulting in the material can not fall to the upper part of the parting tray in most cases, resulting in segregation and inequality of the feed. At the same time, the material is thrown down at high speed to produce a lot of dust, which is not environmentally friendly.

The improved design

Install a buffer hopper on the head of the former taping machine. After the material is buffered by the hopper, it is facing the dividing plate, which not only solves the segregation problem of uneven material distribution, but also reduces the dust on site. The feed hopper can be selected according to different models, different feeding particle size.

2. Design problem of material level control system

The material level control system used in the original equipment adopts manual adjustment of tape speed to achieve full feeding. However, because the change of water content, mud content and particle size in the ore will affect the ore amount of the upper hopper to the ore belt, resulting in frequent changes in the crusher material level, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the crusher material level.

The improved design

HP series crusher working material level is relatively stable, do not allow large fluctuations. The tape machine is controlled by frequency converter, and the amount of ore is directly controlled by the speed of the tape. When the ore water content, mud content and particle size change and affect the material thickness on the belt, the ore feeding amount can be corrected by adjusting the belt speed.

3. Application effect

The design can increase the capacity of cone crusher by more than 10% and further reduce the unit operating cost of crushing system. The material level is stable in operation, and the phenomenon of bushing partial wear and ring jump is eliminated. The service life of lining plate is extended by more than 13%, the failure rate of copper sleeve and release cylinder is reduced by more than 50%, and the service life of locking cylinder is extended by twice.

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