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Four Common Mechanical Failures And Solutions for Flotation Machines

The flotation machine is a kind of equipment that is widely used in ore dressing plants. Its stable and high-efficiency operation can effectively guarantee the economic benefits of flotation ore dressing plants. In the flotation process, common flotation machine failures mainly include mixing mechanism failure, scraper mechanism failure, tank failure, and gate failure.

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1. Stirring mechanism failure

As the core component of the flotation machine, the stirring mechanism determines whether the flotation machine can function normally. After replacing some parts, the flotation machine may have problems such as an inflexible stirring mechanism or even unable to operate normally. If it is not handled in time, it may cause the motor to burn out, bearing damage and other consequences.


A. When installing for the first time, remove the foreign matter in the groove first, and confirm the rotation of the large pulley and the tightness of the belt. Confirm that the belt is running in the correct direction and ensure that the belt is free of scratches, and then formally start.

B. If the above-mentioned problems occur during the operation of the flotation machine, the belt should be removed and the stirring component should be disconnected for troubleshooting.

2. Scraper failure

The scraper of the flotation machine is located above the tank body of the flotation machine. It is an important functional part of the mechanical flotation machine and is used to scrape foam products. The common faults of the scraper are mainly the inflexible rotation of the scraper shaft, the broken shaft, the high temperature of the motor, the motor deceleration, the oil leakage of the reducer.


A. Check the scraper shaft

Before installation, check the scraper mechanism bearings, couplings, and other parts for damage. Routine maintenance, maintain the integrity of couplings, keys, keyways, bearings, and bearing seats, and replace damaged parts in time.

B. Check the scraper reducer

The oil leakage of the reducer mainly occurs in the output shaft of the reducer, and the part where the gear reducer is connected to the electric motor. In order to prevent the reducer from continuing to leak oil, two parts of the oil seal can be replaced.

3. Tank failure

The failure of the flotation machine tank generally occurs in the equipment installation stage, that is, different degrees of water seepage and water leakage may occur at a fixed position.


A. The connecting rubber on the surface of the tank should be intact and free of deformation. The flange surface should be filled with sealant to strengthen the seal. After the connecting surface is well connected, tighten the pre-tightening bolts.

B. If it is found that the gap between the connected tanks is leaking, check whether the bolts are loose and whether the rubber is damaged. Try to loosen the pre-tightened bolts, re-apply sealant to the bolts and rubber or repair intervals, and then re-tighten the bolts.

4. Ram failure

The gate is located at the rear of the flotation machine. It is mainly used to adjust the liquid level in the tank. Its installation and commissioning and use frequency are high, and it is easy to cause handwheel damage, water running, and other faults.


A. Under the condition that the screw is well lubricated and there is no rubber damage, attention should be paid to the pre-tightening degree of the special screw.

B. The rubber is glued to the back of the gate. The rubber must be firmly bonded and the surface is flat. Install the gate under the condition of sufficient drying.

C. Special screws are designed according to the structure size. After pre-tensioning, the natural pre-tightening force between the gate and the U-shaped plate of the tank should meet the design requirements. If there are no special circumstances, do not make adjustments, otherwise, too loose or too tight pre-tightening may cause water running problems.

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