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Reasons And Solutions for The Rupture of The Cone Crusher Cone Lining Plate

As the core equipment of the crushing process of the concentrator, the operation rate of the cone crusher greatly affects the operating cost of the entire mine. During the crushing process, the fixed cone lining plate and the fixed cone of the cone crusher are fixed, and the moving cone lining plate and the moving cone not only rotate at a slow speed, but also move with the lateral stroke of the eccentric sleeve. Large chunks of ore are broken during the rotation and lateral stroke movement of the moving cone, so the lining of the moving cone wears quickly. The following introduces the reasons and preventive measures for the rupture of the cone lining plate of the cone crusher.

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The reasons for the rupture of the moving cone liner

1. The liner is not leveled and aligned and is off to one side. Uneven load around the liner when crushed, causing the liner to break.

2. Insufficient mixing of filler, and low filling strength, resulting in breakage of the liner when broken.

3. The filler is not completely solidified and the strength is low, resulting in the rupture of the lining plate when driving.

4. The tightening strength of the lining plate locking screw is not enough. The liner was loosened during the crushing process, causing the liner to break.

5. The compression cutting ring on the lining plate is not welded firmly, or the welding seam is worn and welded during the crushing process, and the lining plate is loose, resulting in the rupture of the lining plate.

6. During the crushing process, the crushing cavity often enters the iron block, and the crushing load increases. Exceeding the rated load of the liner will cause the liner to rupture.

The solutions for breakage of moving cone liner

1. Level the liner so that it is evenly balanced around the liner load.

2. The filler is stirred evenly so that the strength of the filler is higher after solidification.

3. When the liner is installed, the solidification time of the filler is generally required to be about 16 hours. Make the filler completely solidify to ensure enough strength to break.

4. Tighten the screws so that the lining plate is not easy to loosen during the crushing process.

5. Press the cutting ring and weld firmly with the lining plate. Check the welding seam once a month, and re-weld it firmly if the welding is started.

6. Install an electromagnetic iron remover to remove iron blocks entering the crushing cavity, so that the materials on the lining plate are balanced and even during the crushing process.

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