Sand Washing Plant

Kuwait’s 500 tons per day Sand washing production plant

Recently, the 50 tons per hour sand crushing, screening, cleaning, and recycling production line constructed by Longzhong has completed equipment installation at a customer site in Kuwait. The Kuwait project equipment installation team sent us on-site photos.

lzzg sand washing plant

Project Description

Project site: Kuwait

Raw material: natural sand

Processing capacity: 50t/h

Equipment: vibrating feeder+crusher+vibrating screen+attrition scrubber+sand washing machine

Other parts: Modular standard steel structure foundation and conveyor, whole line automation control system

LZZG customized: production line process and layout design, remote guidance installation, and debugging

In order to ensure that the equipment arrives at the overseas site safely, Longzhong has established a complete packaging and shipping management system. Use waterproof wrapping, stretch film, pallets, wooden boxes, and other forms to avoid collision, wear, corrosion, and other damages that may occur during transportation.

Project Benefits

1. Adapting to local conditions

The production line uses modular standard steel structure foundation and conveyor products independently developed by Longzhong, which are installed in a “building block” style after arriving at the site. No processing or modification is required on site, and it can be used immediately after being assembled, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and improves installation efficiency.

2. Flexible production line design

In the early stage of the project, we communicated with the customer to confirm the process technology plan and equipment configuration. The customer has high requirements for the finished product, so we selected crushing and screening equipment, scrubbing devices, customized solutions and intelligent equipment for the secondary cleaning and grading system in the early stage. The output of sand and gravel aggregates with reasonable grading will help local infrastructure construction.

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