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Influence of Flotation Machine Operation on Flotation Effect

Flotation is a complex beneficiation process. The operation of the flotation machine will directly affect the index of the flotation product. Therefore, it is very important to scientifically operate and adjust the flotation machine. The operating factors of the flotation machine mainly include the amount of aeration, the size of the circulation hole, the gap of the stirring mechanism, the amount of scraping bubbles, and the level of the liquid.

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1. Adjustment of the aeration volume of the flotation machine

The slurry fed into the flotation machine has a high concentration and good floatability of useful minerals. The aeration amount can be appropriately increased to ensure that the flotation machine has a high processing capacity. When the requirements for the concentrate index are strict, the mineral floatability is poor, or the flotation pulp concentration is low, the aeration amount can be appropriately reduced. According to the sequence of different flotation cells, the air volume of each flotation cell is also different, and it should be ensured that each flotation cell can form a stable foam layer. Excessive aeration will reduce selectivity for useful minerals. If the aeration volume exceeds the limit, the flotation bubbles will even merge to form an air flow, causing the liquid surface to turn over, unable to form a stable foam layer, and causing the loss of useful minerals in the tailings.

2. Flotation machine circulation hole area

In production, the area of the circulation hole should be adjusted according to the quality of the flotation product, the processing capacity, and the type of the flotation machine, and the appropriate circulation volume should be formed. At the same time, the sundries on the circulation holes should be disposed of regularly to avoid blockage of the circulation holes.

3. Flotation machine stirring mechanism gap

The radial and axial clearances between the impeller and the stator of the mechanical stirring flotation machine have a significant impact on the performance of the flotation machine. The increase of the two will lead to a decrease in the aeration volume, slurry absorption and aeration uniformity coefficient of the flotation machine, and increase the power consumption of the flotation machine.

4. Flotation machine scraping bubbles and liquid level adjustment

Bubble scraping is an important process in the flotation machine, which is related to the level of the flotation liquid and has an important impact on the quality and recovery of the flotation concentrate. If the foam layer cannot be scraped out of the flotation machine in time, it will lead to the accumulation of the foam layer, which will cause the loss of useful minerals in the tailings, which will not only affect the recovery rate of concentrate but also affect the processing capacity of the flotation machine.

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