Sand Washing Plant

Indonesia 500 Tons Of Intelligent Sand Washing Line

Recently, the 500-ton-per-hour environmentally friendly sand washing plant project built by Longzhong for an Indonesian company has been fully installed and is expected to be officially put into operation in early April this year. The sand washing line includes a crushing system, a screening system, a sand washing system, and sewage treatment, and has been constructed with high efficiency and high standards.

sand washing plant

Sand washing line site

The raw materials of this production line are cobblestone, granite, and mountain sand. From crushing and sand-making, screening and washing, zero discharge of sewage, to storage, all links adopt a fully enclosed structure. Dust collection pipes are arranged at dust-raising points throughout the system to avoid dust spillage and realize environmentally friendly production.

Sand production: 500t/h

Material: crushed and screened machine-made sand

Equipment configuration: double wheel sand washing machine, thickener tank, chamber filter press

Treatment process: front-end sand washing, back-end sewage treatment

Finished material use: can be used for foundation construction and high-standard sand demand

sand washing line

Sand washing line features

1. Large output

The sand washing machine has a large processing capacity, which can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the sand and gravel and improve the quality of the finished material. Through the fine sand recovery device, the fine sand is fully recovered, and the economic benefit is high.

2. Environmental friendly

After the sewage enters the dense irrigation, a flocculant is added to the sewage in the buffer tank through the dosing pump, so that the sludge quickly coagulates and settles, and the sewage is initially separated. The mud sinks, and the clean water flows out through the overflow tank, and returns to the clean water pool through the pipeline for recycling.

3. Recycling

The settled mud enters the buffer tank and is transported to the filter press through the slurry pump. The mud is filtered and compressed, and the mud is separated into clear water and mud cake.

4. Smart equipment

Environmentally friendly and dust-free production and processing technology, clean and high-quality washed sand finished materials. Can meet the market demand for high-standard materials, Longzhong helps you achieve green and efficient building material production.

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