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How to Improve The Filtration And Dehydration Effect of Filter Press?

As a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, filter presses often send the slurry into the filter chamber under the pressure of the feed pump, and apply a certain pressure to the slurry through the filter medium to make the liquid ooze out. During the production process, the filter dewatering effect of the filter press is mainly related to the properties of the slurry, the properties of the filter cake, the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter medium, and the degree of vacuum and the filter medium. The following will proceed from several aspects to effectively improve the filtering and dewatering effect of the filter press.

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1. Improve slurry properties

The properties of the slurry mainly involve the concentration of the slurry, the temperature of the slurry, the solid material, the particle size composition and the flotation agent contained in the slurry.

A. Properly increase the slurry concentration

Within a certain range, the productivity of the filter press will increase as the slurry concentration increases. Therefore, in the production, it is necessary to appropriately increase the slurry concentration, increase the productivity of the filter press, and reduce the moisture of the filter cake. Generally, most concentrators require the slurry concentration to be greater than 40%.

B. Increase slurry temperature

Increasing the temperature of the slurry reduces its viscosity, thereby accelerating the filtration and dewatering speed of the filter press, thereby increasing the productivity of the filter press. In actual production, heating all the slurry is not economical, only a few mineral beneficiaries will heat the slurry due to process requirements.

C. Solid materials in the slurry

The solid materials in the slurry also have a greater impact on the filtering effect of the filter press. The filter cake formed by coarse-grained materials has large pores and small filter cake resistance, which is conducive to the passage of filtrate. The productivity of the filter press is relatively high, and the moisture content of the filter cake is low. The slurry of fine-grained materials is easy to block the filter holes during filtration, causing filtration difficulties, thereby affecting the productivity of the filter press.

D. Specific analysis of the properties of flotation reagents

The flotation agent contained in the slurry is more complicated. Most flotation reagents will reduce the filterability of the slurry, and only a few flotation reagents will improve the filterability. Therefore, the influence of flotation reagents on the filtration and dehydration effect of the filter press should be judged according to the type, nature and amount of flotation reagents used.

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