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Gravel Wash Plant Design Philippines

The gravel wash plant design refers to a set of equipment used for the production of construction sand and gravel, which provides aggregates for the construction of buildings, railways, highways, hydropower stations, and airports. According to the different stone materials, it can be divided into river pebble, limestone, granite, basalt, and other types. According to different uses, it can be divided into mixing station gravel production line, expressway gravel production line, railway ballast gravel production line, etc.

gravel wash plant design philippines

The sand and gravel wash plant are mainly composed of a feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, and sand washer. According to the size of the output and the type of stone, the process of sand and gravel crushing production lines with different configuration relationships is formulated. The products of the gravel crushing production line are used as concrete aggregates through different grades.

1. River pebble crushing wash plant

The silicon content of river pebble is very high, so the biggest problem of the river pebble crushing production line is that the wear parts are easy to wear. Therefore, lamination equipment and multi-stage crushing schemes are used as much as possible for river pebble crushing.

Using the jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact crusher equipment configuration. The main crushing work is completed by the first crushing and the second crushing, and then the counter-attack crushing is performed for the integral crushing. It can not only ensure the excellent grain shape of the product after the river pebble crushing process but also reduce the production cost.

2. Basalt crushing wash plant

Basalt and diabase are materials with high hardness and high silicon content, making them difficult to break. Basalt crushing should also choose crushing equipment based on the lamination principle to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts and equipment with better-finished grains. Therefore, the equipment configuration is a jaw crusher plus cone crusher, plus a counter-attack crusher for plastic crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. The biggest feature of the impact crusher is that it can produce granular high-quality stone, with the dual performance of crushing and shaping. Good-grained stone material can add better stress performance to the building and has a higher price in the market.

3. Granite crushing wash plant

Granite is a more difficult material to break, but it is slightly easier to break than basalt. This is because although granite has high hardness, it has certain brittleness. In order to improve the size of the stone, the granite crushed stone production line can also use the configuration of a jaw crusher and counterattack crusher. This configuration process can greatly reduce the negative material formed after screening.

4. Limestone crushing wash plant

The limestone crushing production line can directly use jaw crusher and counter-attack crushing, which can not only obtain a good stone grain shape but also the wear parts of the crusher can have a long service life.

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