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Four Kinds Of Feeding Equipment For Mining

The feeding equipment mainly feeds the material from the silo continuously and evenly to undertake equipment or transport equipment, and is also the necessary equipment to realize the automation of the assembly plant. The commonly used feeders mainly include belt feeders, trough feeders, disc feeders, and tilting feeders.

belt feeder

1. Belt feeder

The belt feeder is a kind of feeding equipment that can withstand large pressure. The material is fed to the belt feeder. With the rotation of the motor, the belt moves forward slowly, and the material on the belt surface is fed to the next process through the head wheel, so as to realize continuous feeding. The belt feeder is mainly used for transporting various bulk and granular materials. Feeding capacity between 10~ 450T /h. Can choose single conveyor, multi – conveyor combination, to meet the needs of different layouts of the line.

2. Trough feeder

The trough feeder is a kind of mine feeder that is used earlier in storage trough discharging and has many types. The groove feeder can be equipped with a regulating gate to control the height of the material layer, and a feeding plate moving forward and backward can be installed in the lower part of the feeding groove. A trough feeder is usually suitable for a short distance, according to a certain amount of small and large proportion of material. The particle size is 35 ~ 100mm, which is not suitable for viscous materials.

The trough feeder can be set up on the ground or hoisted on the discharge port of the mine bin. Trough feeder tank width is about 2~2.5 times the larger size of the feed. The larger trough feeder can meet the ore size of less than 500mm.

3. Disc feeder

Disc feeder is suitable for all kinds of non-viscous materials, not for good fluidity of powder materials. The disc feeder is often used as the mine feeder of the powder ore below 20mm. In production, concentrators, smelters, cement plants, placers, mechanized casting workshops, and so on are often suspended on the steel structure, and installed under the hopper for continuous feeding.

4. Pendulum-type feeder

The tilting feeder is used as a ball mill mine belt conveyor mine feeder, especially suitable for short-distance material transmission. The ore feeding size is 35~50mm, and the production capacity is between 0~ 25T /h. But tilting feeder is not suitable for conveying dry powder or large particle size material, easy to appear dust pollution or discharge port blockage phenomenon.

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