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Comprehensive Utilization Of Iron Ore Waste Rock

The iron ore waste mainly includes granitic zonal mixed rock, mixed granite, gabbro, marlite and some fine grained diorite, marble and so on. The mechanical property is stable and the strength is high.

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Comprehensive utilization of iron ore waste rock

1. Goaf filling

The high concentration backfill represented by waste rock – tailings cemented backfill has strong applicability. The filling slurry has good stability, fluidity and transportability, and the strength of the backfill body can meet the mining process requirements.

2. Application in engineering

A. Construction of tailings dam

After the treatment of tailings dewatering screen,  the use of iron ore waste rock to build a tailings dam can not only alleviate the problem of waste rock storage nearby to a certain extent, but also solve the problem of tailings discharge.

B.  Road engineering construction

3. Recovery of valuable elements

A.  Recovery of iron

There are two main ways to recover iron from waste rock: dry preseparation and stage magnetic separation. Dry prepreparation is often used as an auxiliary process for the recovery of iron ore from waste rock, especially for the preparation of sand aggregate.

B. Recovery of other valuable elements

In addition to iron, some concentrators also recycle phosphorus, sulfur, copper, vanadium, titanium and other elements contained in it.

4. Produce sand and stone aggregate

Sand aggregate is the most important raw material in concrete and other building materials. The waste rock has large reserves, high strength and stable mechanical properties. Therefore, on the basis of qualified detection of various indexes of iron ore waste rock, it can be used to prepare sand and stone aggregate, which can not only relieve the supply pressure of aggregate, but also solve the problem of overstorage of waste rock to a certain extent.

5. Other applications

A. Preparation of high performance concrete

B. Preparing environmentally friendly materials

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