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Common Fault Causes And Solutions of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are widely used. This article shares common problems in several types of bearings, brackets, frames, etc., and analyzes the reasons and solutions.

jaw crusher

1. Bearing failure

A. Bearing damage

Insufficient lubrication of bearings and untimely maintenance, resulting in poor lubrication; too large feeding height causing the movable jaw to be impacted; Feed shock often results in a dramatic reduction in bearing life.

Solution: Carry out lubrication and maintenance work in time, and use the specified lubricating grease; The feeding height is reasonably set according to the feeding form to avoid the impact of material supply on the movable jaw.

B. Bearing temperature is too high

The bracket fixing method is unreasonable; Lack of oil in the lubricating parts, causing friction when the equipment is running, and then overheating the equipment; feed particle size is too fine or too coarse.

Solution: check the wear status of bracket and bracket seat; effective lubrication; ensure reasonable feeding speed and feeding granularity.

2. Toggle plate failure

A. Broken lining

The size of the discharge port is too small, causing the material to be blocked; the equipment has iron passing through.

Solution: Adjust the size of the discharge opening to prevent over-material jamming; set up an iron blocking device to prevent iron blocks from entering the crusher.

B. The toggle seat is severely worn

Foreign matter is mixed in, causing the toggle plate seat to wear.

Solution: Regularly clean up foreign objects, and add grease in time to lubricate the toggle plate seat to prevent foreign objects from being mixed.

C. The bracket falls off

Too large feeding size cause the impact to fall off; insufficient spring tension; unreasonable feeding position causes the liner to fall.

Solution: Feed material evenly and reasonably; the feeding position needs to act on the back wall of the hopper, and must not directly hit the upper movable jaw body cover; adjust the reasonable spring tension.

D. Bending fracture of the bracket

Insufficient spring tension; feeding granularity does not meet the requirements; foreign matter is stuck at the bottom of the crushing chamber; bracket installation is not standardized and unreasonable.

Solution: Adjust the tension of the spring; control the feeding size; set up the foreign body jam detection device in the crushing chamber.

3. Rack failure

A. Rack break

The rack is overloaded; the rack is subjected to uneven force; the installation foundation of the rack is not firm.

Solution: The feeding amount of the discharge port needs to meet the uniform conditions, and it must not be overloaded due to excessive feeding on the frame, resulting in breakage; regular inspection of the frame levelness must meet the uniform force of the frame.

B. The tension rod breaks under load

The tie rod spring retainer is over-compressed.

Solution: Set up a reasonable compression rod spring fixing device according to the requirements.

4. Other common faults

A. Damaged feed hopper bolts

Too much feed.

Solution: The feeding amount, feeding granularity and speed need to meet the requirements of the equipment. In order to ensure the crushing capacity and crushing effect, the amount of material fed is generally about 2/3 of the volume of the crushing cavity.

B. Excessive vibration

Improper running speed; the flywheel deviates from the main shaft, resulting in uneven force and vibration.

Solution: Adjust the running speed of the crusher; check the tightness of the flywheel to prevent excessive vibration caused by the loose flywheel.

C. Jaw activity

Loose jaw plate; insufficient clearance; worn adjusting wedge.

Solution: Tighten the jaw plate bolts; the reasonable gap between the upper and lower jaw plates is 5mm-8mm (3/16-5/16); small pieces are pre-filled in the cavity to reduce the mutual friction between the wedges.

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