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Belt Conveyor Transfer Point Buffer Dust Removal Device

The belt conveyor will produce high-concentration dust when conveying materials, which is one of the main places where dust is generated. This paper introduces a set of buffer dust removal devices at the transfer point of the belt conveyor, which has a simple structure and remarkable practical application effect.

belt conveyor

1. Device structure

The buffer dust removal device at the transfer point of the belt conveyor is mainly composed of a dust collection channel, a buffer device, a dust removal pipe, a high-pressure nozzle, a water inlet pipe, a suction fan, a sewage treatment box, a filter plate, a water pump, and a support column.

A. The buffer slide is helical and fixed on the support column. The upper end of the slideway overlaps with the unloading point of the upper conveyor belt, and the lower end overlaps with the lower conveyor belt. The lap angle of the upper and lower ends is 30°. The width of the slideway is 0.8m. The slides are mainly made of high manganese steel with high wear resistance.

B. A fully enclosed tubular dust collection channel is installed above the buffer slideway. The dust collection channel is seamlessly connected with the dust removal duct.

2. Working principle

A. When the conveyor is transporting materials, the suction fan and water pump in the buffer dust removal device at the transfer point are turned on through the interlock switch. After the suction fan is turned on, the dust in the dust collection channel is absorbed through the dust removal pipe.

B. When the absorbed dust enters the dust removal pipe, it settles under the action of the high-pressure water curtain. The settled sewage enters the sewage treatment tank. The filtered clean water enters the clean water pool and is reused by the water pump.

C. The shock absorber slide is a helical inclined structure. After the coal flow of the upper conveyor enters the shock absorber slideway, under the friction of the inclined surface of the slideway, the coal flow speed is gradually reduced. Thus, the impact damage of the high-speed coal flow to the lower conveyor belt is avoided.

3. Advantages and disadvantages

A. Simple structure

Simple structure, low failure, easy to maintain.

B. Good dust suppression effect

The buffer dust removal device absorbs the dust in the closed dust collection channel through the suction fan and sprays it for dust reduction. The whole dust reduction process is carried out in a closed space, the dust reduction effect is good, and the purpose of centralized dust reduction is achieved.

C. Effective control of material speed

The buffer dust removal device is equipped with a spiral inclined damping slideway, and the coal flow can effectively reduce the speed through friction on the slideway.

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